About Us

img_1145Lydia is Ms. Independent. She wants to do everything herself including choosing and putting on her clothes. She usually does pretty well (at the putting on part) but the other day she came in complaining because her shirt was on upside down. That’s right upside down! She never lets Jesse or I forget anyone when we’re leaving in the car. Like I often get the car going and everyone in before I get Max. She’s always yelling to me Max, Max or rather Nax, Nax. I love the way she says, “Goodnight Boys!” before she gets into bed. When you ask Lydia how old she is she always says, “Four!” When I remind her she’s two, she then says, “Four and Two.” When you ask her to give you a hug or kiss or do ANYTHING she refuses. Then, a few minutes later she’ll do it which I think is her way of letting you know it was all her idea. Oh, and when I asked her to get a little toilet paper to wipe her nose (we were out of Kleenex), she returned with a little piece…perfect I thought. And, I later found the entire brand new roll of toilet paper unrolled in the bathroom.

One thing that sticks out the most in my mind about Harrison is his loud, LOUD, VERY LOUD voice. I mean even when he’s not mad or frustrated. He had a planter’s wart on his foot a few weeks ago, and I think he thought it was the coolest thing ever. The other night he was all upset and seemed to be hurting. When we asked what was wrong, he said, “My foot has spikey’s all over it!!” I guess his foot was asleep. Harrison, like Porter, has a love for pajamas but real pajamas. When we were talking about what we could save our tickets up for next time, I suggested a swingset or maybe a trip somewhere. Harrison insisted that he wanted to save his tickets for pajamas. Lucky for him Nana made that dream come true early when she was here with his very own brand new pajamas. I saw him hovering over Max the other day, and semi-alarmed went to see what he was doing…you’ll never guess. He had gotten a kleenex for him and was wiping his nose. I

Porter is so good about helping with Max. He still loves school and seems to have so many fun and nice kids in his class. I feel like I know them all because he talks about them so much. He is reading better and better and is in a race to finish all the home reading books. He had his school program this week where he sang several songs. I think he really enjoys singing. He still spontaneously falls off his chair at dinnertime with quite a degree of frequency but is improving. He continues to be the sanitizer police especially when it comes to touching Max. When Jesse said that maybe we could get a real pet like a fish possibly, Porter responded, “Or a tiger.” Oh, and how could I forget to mention how Porter loves to wear his pajamas ALL DAY. Granted, they are just any comfortable shorts/shirts he has. So, he changes into school clothes right before we leave and almost immediately heads upstairs when he gets home to change back into them. He even wore his pajamas under his school clothes one day last week. He is just like his mother except the opposite. When I was in 2nd grade I slept in my school clothes so I could sleep longer in the mornings since I was already dressed of course.

Now to Max. I’m not sure what there is to say about him. I think he is so totally use to all the noise and constant img_1178commotion. He’s not really a sit-idly-by type of baby, he just seems very much involved making sure his own needs are met. I love his totally cute smile and pretty blue eyes. All the kids are good at keeping him entertained or distracted if need be especially during dinner prep. He still loves to suck whether it be pacifiers, blankets, or his hands. He spends most of his time in his Bumbo seat or on his tummy per physical therapy orders, but he grows tired of those two positions sometimes rather quickly. We love to hear him laugh. It makes us all smile. Porter does a lot of the singing to him. Lydia makes all his toys “work”. And Harrison loves having Max’s attention in any way he can get it.

I enjoyed what I could hear of conference.  They really gave us so many good pracitical ideas of making our family relationships better.  And, I was reminded of the importance of nurturing and how it is my primary role.  It just reminds me of the impression I’ve had many times to leave the dishes and just sit in the floor of the toy room.  The kids will do the rest. :)  They will definitely remind me of what is most important since I tend to forget on a daily basis!!  I also felt like I should be more aware of my facial expressions towards the kids.  Is it emulatiing the Savior’s contenance?  Is it full of love or is it snarky and demeaning?  Uh, I really want to work on that! 

These are just a couple of pics from our community Easter egg hunt and Easter morning.







Of matters of less importance I thought I would share with you some news in the area of my two hobbies cooking and img_1155working it off. Some new recipes I’ve tried are these things for breakfast. And, these things for dinner. And, this for dessert!  (This is Jonathan enjoying that dessert)  And, I’m doing this for my workouts right now.  I can attest IT IS INSANE!!  I love it…so far.

img_1153Now on to Jesse.  (Jesse typing).  The business is going well.  Taylor’s here this week for us to work mainly on new user experience (focusing on the buying funnel where the person has downloaded the software, but hasn’t yet bought — want to rope them in there!).  I’ve also been teaching myself some programming and have built a little app that lets you upload your YNAB budget to a browser and view it on your mobile phone.  Right now it’s just in experimental mode, but eventually we’ll charge for it.

If all goes according to plan, I should be able to cut my hair on Friday.

Which works out nicely.  President Harker called me today to let me know that Sister Harker passed away yesterday.  She had fallen in November and was suffering from concussion-induced alzheimers.  She then developed some type of cancer and her liver basically shut down.  President Harker asked me to be a pallbearer at the funeral on Saturday.  I was honored he would ask me.  They are a great couple and I’m sure he will miss Sister Harker dearly.

End Jesse.

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2 Responses to About Us

  1. Stephanie Pilling says:

    Hi Julie,

    Just catching up on your blog and I love seeing all the pictures and little stories. Your family is adorable and little Max is so precious–congrats! You are a busy momma now for sure! Do you remember those days back at Wymount when we thought we were so busy with just one? Ah, the power of perspective! Haha!

    I’m so glad to see your family is doing well! We miss you! Take care!



  2. Rachel Morris says:

    Julie- I know I can count on you for a good recipe and excellent workout ideas. The kids look so grown up and those strawberries make me wish produce exists in Fairbanks, Ak. So fun to catch up!

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