A Trip to the ER and WHAT? a Lost Tooth







So back to Sunday night where Max started to sound worse.  We had the humidifier going full blast and alarms set to wake us in the middle of the night to check on how he sounded.  About 4 AM he woke us up sounding as though every breath was a struggle.   I yelled to Jesse to get ready that we had to take him in, and then ran Max outside in hopes that the cold air might help a little.  Once we got there, he got a breathing treatment right away that didn’t help very much, then x-rays, and then another breathing treatment of epinephrine.  We had to wait there four hours after to make sure he didn’t get worse after the epinephrine.  He mostly just slept on me while I tried to somehow get comfortable holding him in a hospital bed.  We got home a little after 10AM feeling so thankful for modern medicine and their extreme effectiveness.  For family night Jesse read a really neat story from the September Friend that I can’t recall the name but it defnitely brought the spirit.  

img_1775img_1783Tuesday I took Lydia and Harrison with me to my eye doctor appointment.  It was fun to make the long drive together.  It ended up taking forever and Harrison was a little late for preschool again.  That night the dinner I made ended up taking more than twice as long as the recipe said, so we played some football outside.  Me and Max were the spectators.  Lydia is now enjoying getting in on some of the fun of football and soccer too.  She says, “Harrison you play soccer with me?”

 Wednesday morning I felt like I had such a spiritual feast reading President Monson’s message in this month’s Ensign on the temple.  I learned so much.  I then enjoyed listening to a few more talks while I ran.  As I was feeling so grateful for this increase in the spirit, I felt like I was told that it was because of mine and Jesse’s committment to not watch T.V. during the week.  It’s not like we watched a ton but even a little was too much for us.  It is just so distracting!!  I thought about how Heavenly Father asks us to just try Him.  Just try(experiment) and do what I say, and see what happens.  The day was actually pretty busy.  We had story time at the library all morning.  Then Mom and I made this salad with butternut squash soup.  And believe me you all want the butternut squash soup recipe because it was amazing and so so healthy too!  I also played pass with Harrison which should be documented because my football playing has become less and less frequent. 

Thursday I was still feeling so bad with my cold but decided to suck it up and we all ( minus Jesse and Porter)went to the Pumpkin Patch for Harrison’s preschool that morning.  All the kids ended up really having a fun time.  Even Max enjoyed looking at all the farm animals.  We also got our own personal hay ride since we got separated from the group.  It was just the 5 of us laughing and bouncing on a flatbed full of hay.  We then got to pick our own pumpkins which I am just realizing are probably still in the back of the car…it was fun to pick them though.  That night we had the 3-cheese garden pizza from the family cookbook, and I used Anna Marie’s pizza crust, and uhm there weren’t ANY leftovers.  Oh, and guess who is going down stairs now.  Yes, Max is going down stairs in a very hazardous way.  I’m hoping he will soon start to trust the backwards method versus his personal favorite of a cross between sideways and head first. 

Friday, I was still feeling pretty bad.  I did recieve an invitation for lunch from my hubby that was a delight.  I also enjoyed a game of Go Fish and Old Maid with Harrison.  He totally smoked me in Go Fish, Go Figure!  Lydia and Porter also joined in on a game of Old Maid too.  That night was a veg night.

Saturday morning was Porter’s last soccer game where he scored 4 of the 6 goals.  He was on fire.  Still, he doesn’t care who scores the goals as long as his team is winning.  He almost seems more excited when someone else scores.  The the kids had Primary program practice, I ran in the ran with Lindsey, Porter had a birthday party, and that afternoon was the viewing of the BYU game.  It was a fun game I thought.  Then we had a nice surprise visit from Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Jonathan.  Jonathan wore himself out playing tag.  The kids could seriously run around all day and night playing with their aunts and uncles.  It makes me think we don’t play enough with them which is probably true. 








Today we were all ready for church by 10AM, so we decided to have a recital.  It was fun.  Everyone just looked so cute today, so I went a little picture happy for no reason at all.  It was the primary program at church and the boys did well singing.  After church Porter and Jesse went home teaching while the rest of us took our afternoon naps.  I woke up to find my oldest son with one less tooth.  Guess he had been working very hard at it after home teaching.  And, suprisingly the copious amount of blood that followed his efforts left him undeterred in his quest.  He was excited to say the least.  Then Elizabeth came back over for dinner and some play time with the kids.  It was a lovely day.


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One Response to A Trip to the ER and WHAT? a Lost Tooth

  1. Lindsey says:

    Can’t believe he lost a tooth! He is just growing up too fast! I can’t even believe it. Love Harrison’s little suit.

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